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You can't help but get excited when your baby signs a first word to you!
Recent media reports and scientific studies emphasize the benefits of using Sign Language to communicate with babies before they can talk. In addition, other scientific studies have shown that there are benefits beyond pre-verbal communication associated with early introduction to Sign Language. Browse this section of our site to learn more!

Once you are familiar with the benefits associated with learning Sign Language, you'll likely be excited to develop an introductory vocabulary in Sign Language. SmallTalk Workshops are a great way to get started. Although you will learn a variety of age-appropriate words in our Sign Language workshops, many people wish to expand their vocabulary over time through books and other resources. Based on our own experiences, and on feedback from our workshop participants, we have compiled a listing of our favorite resource materials. Browse this section of our site to learn more about helpful books, videos and web sites. As an added convenience, the books that appear on our resource listing are available for purchase at all of our workshops, or through mail by contacting us.

If you would like to submit new information about a scientific study, or if you have found a particularly helpful Sign Language resource, contact us with the information, and we'll consider adding it to our site!

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