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These are some of the videos that we've found helpful.
There are a wide variety of Sign Language instructional videos on the market--some much better than others. Our favorites are listed below.

Signing Time and Baby Signing Time: From their animated tree house, Alex (who can hear) and Leah (who is Deaf) invite infants and children to "Come sign with us!" Watch and enjoy as Alex, Leah, and all their friends share First Signs, Playtime Signs, and Everyday Signs with your child in Signing Time Volumes 1 - 3. Volumes 4 - 6 include Family, Feelings & Fun, ABC Signs, and Signs for My Favorite Things. Volumes 7 - 9 include Leah's Farm, The Great Outdoors, and Zoo Train. By popular demand, all of the Signing Time Songs are available on CD.

Sign with your Baby: This video is a great companion to the Sign with your Baby book and quick reference guide. This video covers the theory and research behind the idea of signing with your baby, and it gives additional instruction on how you can introduce your baby to Sign Language. There are many clips of babies Signing as well as feedback from parents who have taught their babies to Sign. The video includes a Sign Language vocabulary section that covers a wide variety of commonly used Signs. Joseph Garcia, who has pioneered the research on the benefits of using Sign Language to communicate with pre-verbal, hearing children, developed this video.

Baby Sign Language Basics: This video series, available online, is a great way to receive remote instruction. The classes are taught by Monta Briant, author of several books including "Baby Sign Language Basics." The first lesson below is available free. Click on the play button below in the screen below to view it.

Click here to be redirected to Monta's site to purchase the full program.

Several of the lessons in the downloadable program feature the books in the
Storytime with Signs & Rhymes" series by Dawn Babb Prochovnic.

If you have found a particularly helpful Sign Language resource, contact us with the information, and we'll consider adding it to our site!

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