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SmallTalk Workshops are fun and informative! Workshops
SmallTalk Workshops are an enjoyable way to develop an introductory vocabulary in American Sign Language. The learning environment is designed to be fun and engaging for adults and children alike.

Each workshop incorporates familiar children's songs and rhymes so you can practice what you've learned while you playfully interact with your child! In addition, each workshop provides an overview of helpful Sign Language resources, including Joseph Garcia's widely read book, Sign with your Baby. This gives participants an opportunity to preview materials before making a purchasing decision. As an added convenience, selected materials are available for purchase at each workshop.

Our workshops are suitable for a variety of different groups and settings. All of our programs are affordably priced. Specific rates vary depending upon the size of the group and the number of workshops scheduled. Click here for more detailed pricing information.

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop, click here, or contact us if you have any questions.

SmallTalk Learning   Portland, OR   Phone: 503.223.5622   Email:info@SmallTalkLearning.com