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Sign Language materials make great baby shower gifts!
Based on our own experiences, and on feedback from our workshop participants, we have compiled a listing of our favorite resource materials. Browse this section of our site to learn more about helpful books.

Dawn has written 16 picture books in the Story Time with Signs & Rhymes series that incorporate American Sign Language. Click Here to learn more, or Click Here to order personally autographed titles.

Other recommended books include:

Sign Language ABC and Sign Language for Kids both by Lora Heller (the esteemed Content Consultant for Dawn's second set of books). These are two great books for kids by a wondeful contributor to the signing/baby signing community. Learn more about Lora and her signing resources, including web-based classes here .

Baby Sign Language Basics and other books and resources by Monta Briant. Monta has a wide range of signing materials including web-based classes. Learn more about Monta here .

ABC Phonics: Sing, Sign and Read and many other children's books by Nellie Edge. Nellie's website is packed with early literacy resources. Visit Nellie here .

Random House Webster's Concise American Sign Language Dictionary: This is our most popular resource. Just about any sign that you might want to look up is at your fingertips. If, for example, your baby is excited by seeing a helicopter go by, this resource is your best bet for taking advantage of this 'teachable moment' to show your baby how to sign 'helicopter.' We also like the explanations that describe the movement of the sign to supplement the illustrations of the sign movements. This book is published by Gallaudet University, the world's only liberal arts college for the deaf.

Pick Me Up! CD/Activity Guide: This is one of the most awesome resources available! Developed in cooperation with parents, caregivers, and early childhood educators, this CD/Activity Guide inculdes 20 original songs written for Signing! Each song has a unique musical style, including a great Carribean song about being hungry and thirsty, a fun Frank Sinatra spoof about needing a diaper change, and a zippy country ditty about getting hurt. The activity guide contains the lyrics for each song,a mini-dictionary to go along with each song, and activity ideas to help you Sign and play. One of our top sellers, this is an absolute favorite of children and adults of all ages. This book makes an especially nice birthday gift or teacher/caregiver gift!

Sign with your Baby: We like this book because it covers the theory and research behind the idea of signing with your baby, and it gives additional instruction on how you can introduce your baby to Sign Language. It includes a Sign Language vocabulary section with illustrations and movement descriptions for a small selection of age-appropriate words. Joseph Garcia, who has pioneered the research on the benefits of using Sign Language to communicate with pre-verbal, hearing children, wrote this book. This book makes an especially nice baby shower gift!

Sign with your Baby, Quick Reference Guide: This is a great complement to the Sign with your Baby book or a useful stand-alone reference. It includes pictures of a small selection of age-appropriate Signs as well as bullet-points reminders regarding how to introduce your baby to Sign Language. This laminated, fold-out card can be used to document the Signs your baby is using, and teach other caregivers these Signs. This resource also makes an especially nice baby shower gift!

Beginning Sign Language Series Books: Children love the books in this series! Each book focuses on a specific topic of interest, such as food, animals or family members. The colorful pictures supplement the Sign Language movement illustrations. These books let you practice and reinforce signs while you read to your child.

    Animal Signs
(Signs for different animals
  Foods (Signs for a variety of food
and beverages)
  Fruits and Vegetables (Signs for a variety of fruits
and vegetables)

Signing Time Board Books: These are great, durable books! Each book focuses on a specific topic of interest, and are a great companion to Signing Time videos or DVDs Vols 1-3. The books are full of colorful pictures and movement illustrations. These books let you practice and reinforce signs while you read to your child.

    My First Signs
(Signs for favorite things)   
  Playtime Signs (Signs for playtime favorites)
  Everyday Signs (Signs for everyday favorites)

If you have found a particularly helpful Sign Language resource, contact us with the information, and we'll consider adding it to our site!

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